First Lesson in Wood-Working

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I was just being an idiot. Rather than focusing on the woodworking and enjoyment it could bring me, I was focused on saving pennies. Shop supplies are small stuff. The real lesson learned here is to focus on the important stuff. When I first started out, I would blindly follow the project plans to a T, mistakes and all.

The final spice rack Jim made for his wife.

Did you ever notice the corrections page in a woodworking magazine? Seems like the smart thing for a beginner to do is wait an issue or two to see if there are any corrections to be had. Now, I read the plans all the way through before I purchase any materials and I think the process through in my head.

Like Your Woodworking Teacher? Maybe You Shouldn’t

Lesson 4: There is nothing wrong with being efficient. When I first started woodworking as a hobby, I subscribed to all the magazines and watched as many woodworking shows as possible. It was clear to me that these folks were professionals because everything they did had a certain economy about it. I originally thought that this took some of the fun away from the woodworking process because everything seemed so fixed in place — do this first, do this second, etc.

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I now know this not to be the case and that efficiency can actually bring more enjoyment. Efficiency brings progress and as a woodworker, that is something I definitely want to see. Or I just may not be currently able to recognize it.

I am still on my journey and am looking forward to many more lessons learned. So what have you learned from your woodworking journey that has carried over in to your everyday life? July 7, - Posted by wwadam lessons buyer's remorse , evolution , frustration , life lessons , precision , tool purchasing. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Not Now. Related Pages. Community Matters Nonprofit Organization. Lesson XIV.

Meet some of our Woodworking Teachers

The Chisel Observe the form of the inch chisel on your bench. Its back is perfectly straight and flat. Its face makes with its back an angle of twenty-five degrees, and just at the edge is a short face which mak The Chisel. Continued When you have worked with the chisel or other cutting tool some time, it becomes dull, and does not cut well.

If you examine its cutting edge you will find that instead of being quite invisible, as it Lesson XV. The Chisel Continued When greater force has to be applied to the chisel, as in paring across the grain, the handle is held in the closed right hand, the end of it standing out a little on the upper or thumb side, and the Lesson XVI. The Chisel Continued.

Like Your Woodworking Teacher? Maybe You Shouldn’t

The piece A, Fig. Lesson XVII. We had got out the required material, cut it to the proper shape, and put it away to dry thoroughly. Examine the pieces Gluing A Box properly dove-tailed together would preserve its shape without glue or any other joining material, unless subjected to considerable strain. To hold it in proper shape in spite of strains it must Lesson XIX.

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Finishing A Dove-Tailed Box The box being glued together is now to have the bottom glued on, the top fastened on with hinges, and the surfaces all finished up true and smooth. To put on the bottom you must plane up the bottom e Lesson XX.

Fitting Hinges You are now ready to put hinges on your box. When applied to the box the upper half of the hinge is to be sunk into the top, and the lower half i Lesson XXI. Making A Paneled Door. Lesson XXII. Paneled Door Continued Fig. The Plow. Its mode of action will be understood after an examination of the accompanying Figure and of the tool itself.