Help Your Kids Get a Good Job (so they can be successful on their own!)

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Should you choose to send your child to set with someone other than yourself, you must send along a permission letter authorizing that adult to supervise and look after your child on set.

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Also, on non-union sets, expect that your child will work longer hours for less pay. Use a stage name for privacy: Stage names are more than just catchy marketing tools: They also serve to allow your child to keep his real name, and personal life private and separate from his public persona. Consider creating a stage name with and for your child.

Again, on union sets, you have the right to be in sight of your child at all times. You can always watch the on-set monitors, and you can make sure your child is never alone in a room with an adult. In short, this bill requires anyone working with your child performer—agents, managers, coaches, publicists, photographers, camp counselors, etc. To verify that someone holds a CPS permit, you can search this online database.

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Listen: Children are very honest and good judges of character often better than adults! The single most important thing you can do to protect your child is to keep the lines of communication open. Paying to work seems oxymoronic, right? Well, ideally, your child will eventually book gigs that will replenish these depleted funds, but there is no way to work around the upfront and ongoing costs of getting into and staying in this business.

We once again turn to our trusted Simon for the hard breakdown of the financial burdens —and you should be warned, she does not sugarcoat it. I find for any child actor with professional aspirations that group classes are a must. If your child sings, most vocal lessons come at a hefty price tag. These children are vocally gifted and require professional training to maintain their voice, especially at a time when voices change as children get older.

They also take a percentage of total yearly earnings, 1. Agents take a 10 percent commission on all jobs booked through their services, and managers generally take 15 percent. This may be excessive, and you can surely tape on your own without the help of a professional to bring the cost down. Transportation and living expenses can be the biggest drain on a family with a child actor. Childcare : Many of you have other children besides the aspiring or working child actor. How do you parent them successfully while tending to your young performer?

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Unless you have a supportive extended family, this is not an area to cut corners, as you want to support all of your children equally. Schooling : If your child auditions regularly and works often, public school may not be the best option. They are not known for their support in excessive absences and it can be difficult to keep up with coursework.

Is it necessary? Yes and no. There are many successful children whose parents spend considerable sums for training and exposure within the industry. Is it the only way to break into the industry? Not necessarily.

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I have clients on all ends of the financial spectrum. True talent and luck have furthered the careers of countless children. They may book jobs consistently pre-middle school and then grow weary of the business by the time they reach their preteen years. Show business is capricious by nature, and is even more so for young actors who are boxed into a new acting bracket every other year. Backstage Guides. By Casey Mink Apr. Photo Source: Adam Lee. What about acting are you interested in? Why do you want to be an actor? Do you want to be a working actor, or is this energy something that can be channeled into more of a hobby status, like after-school theater?

Does my child truly want this?

What is my motivation for doing this? Do I just want fame and fortune by means of my child? What does acting have to offer my child? How will this change my life? What types of acting can my child do? What tools does my child need? What training does my child need? How can my child find roles to audition for? How can my child book a gig? How should my child dress for an audition? Does my child need an agent or manager?

How do I find the right agent or manager for my child? Should my child join the union? How and when should my child create her own work? How long will it take my child to be successful? Can I make my child famous? What are the schooling options for a child actor? How can I keep my child safe? What are the financial ramifications of raising a child actor?

Simon urges you ask a variation of the following questions in your meeting, to evaluate your compatibility with any given photographer: How many shots do you take? How many images will I get for the price of the shoot? Do you shoot with studio or natural lighting?

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What clothing should I bring? Do you provide a hair and makeup person? Is this included in the fee? Do you do the retouching? If I am not happy with the results will you reshoot? Of course, you can help to steer the ship by guiding him to find and read through materials, but ultimately, the decision regarding what monologue he performs should be his. Is your child a total goofball?

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Head of the class? Selection: Monologue books for kids are great starter tools for finding good material! You can also find great monologues by reading plays, movie scripts, and literally writing down the dialogue from a scene on TV or film that you like.


Start with what you know: plays, shows, and films that you and your child have seen and can relate to. The monologue should be active: By active I mean that the best monologues are spoken at heightened moments in a story when a character is directly addressing another character and pursuing an objective, actively.

Some monologues can be full of self-reflection and exposition—a character can merely be describing a scenario that happened in the past, or talking to herself. These tend to be more challenging for actors to work on.