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My quit day, Tuesday, January 2 at pm, I finished my last cigarette. Cold Turkey. Have been a smoker for 46yrs but never a heavy smoker and have been rolling my own with a filter in for 35yrs. My doctor tells me i am the worst type of smoker because i smoke maybe a day and enjoy them. Have been interested in the comments left by everyone and would like to wish you all good luck and good health.

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My quit day was March 9th. The cravings were horrendous yesterday, Day 3. I am on day 4 and not so cranky today. Every time I want a smoke I go do a quick jaunt around the neighborhood. I am then reminded of why I quit so I can breathe. Thanks for all the stories above. I will never pick one of these up again because I do not want to go through the withdrawal symptoms again: I wish everyone luck on their journey! I quit last Friday cold turkey.

The cravings drive me insane but I vent given up.

My quit date was Saturday February 17th. Early, but I am already feeling the positive physical affects.


Well in one hour it will be five days. The third day almost killed me but I made it through that day and the weekend. It just might and the waiting to find out is almost as hard as quitting the habit that started it. Good luck everyone. It has been now 50hrs to smoke my last cigarette.

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I do feel some changes in my mood and behavior, I hope to stick onto my decision and not to go back smoking. Trying my best!!! This is my first smoke free day. I have quit before, however, I seem to always go back to this habit. I have to say, I had no idea that quitting smoking would change things so quickly, I have to share this, and this is less than one week from quitting. Not too mention, I have been having problems with my circulation, developing PAD peripheral artery disease which was making it difficult to walk long distances, after these 5 days, the difference is night and day, I can walk farther, faster and can feel warmth in my calves and feet from my circulation improving.

Gotta quit people!!!! I have been nicotine free since June 28, a total of days after smoking for over 35 years.

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I have gained 12 pounds now despite working out regularly and gone through a period of what most would call depression. What keeps me going is the thought of dying a terrible death. My mother had a stroke at 80 after 60 years of heavy smoking and she struggled mightily until her passing six years later. I want to die a dignified death like we can control that! My only regret in life is that I ever started in the first place! Good luck to all former smokers! My quit date is August 29, I smoked for 23 years and am 62 years old. I had made all the right noises at least in my head about quitting smoking for a while, but my chest started feeling weird and it scared me.

My insurance provider gave me patches and gum free. I finally decided that, in MY mind, it would just be trading one addiction for another so I elected to go cold turkey. I have read on the web that this is not the most effective way to quit, but it was my choice. I had tried to quit a couple of years ago and just had nicotine withdrawal that made me a totally crazy person. And the weird thing is that I had to have gallbladder surgery a little more than a week after I quit.

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I already had a-fib that was diagnosed about a year ago. My heart rate went nuts and my cardiologist increased my meds. THEN my blood pressure went nuts and I had to go on blood pressure medicine. The temptation to just give in and start back is very real. So i am currently on day 3 of not smoking i can feel the symptoms are getting more intense. Finished day 5 of quitting today. Have PTSD. Man, that makes it tough BUT it got real easy remembering why I suddenly quit: first ever asthma attack followed immediately by full blown panic attack.

Little advise for anyone listening: Xanax helps calm ya down while quitting.

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I found the regular aids gave me nightmares. Anyway, quitting much easier with Xanax. We all know it. The motivation you need to quit has to be huge…i mean…. Whatever it takes. For me it was a first class ride in an ambulance on Christmas eve gasping for air. ER Dr did nothing so I remained in that state until day after xmas when primary came back from holiday. Imagine 3 days gasping for air. No amount of withdrawal symptoms bother me after that ordeal. God Bless. I quit last Friday, almost a week. Wish I had used this years ago.

A support network is very helpful. Quit once. Good luck! Please help me anyone. Google quittrain. This is a message board for people who want to quit. You need encouragement. These people have all been there. If you have insurance, ask about nicotine replacement therapy…patches and gum. Write down reasons to quit. It will help you write out a quit plan.

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Figure out how much a month you spend on cigarettes and make a list of things you could do with that money trips, new car, clothes, shoes. Smoked for 16 years this time. I had stopped smoking before for about 10 years after smoking for over 35 years. Stupid reasons caused me to start again, but behind me now.

The main reason for quitting this time, besides general health, is that I am facing her surgery for blocked arteries. I get winded easily and get a burning in my chest. I want to get back to my active lifestyle as well. I was a smoker for 27 years. This is my 3rd attempt for a cessation of smoking. I am craving and it was painful…but I will survive.. Let God do the rest.. Doing well…coughing has stopped. Then, I developed a tumor on my heart caused by too little oxygen.

I got rid of all cigs and butts and bought a bottle of whiskey.

Did the doctor remove the tumor? Do I feel better? Do I crave cigarettes every day? This is the first time I have tried to quit. Feeling strange, sleepy, anyone know why?