Tradition and Revolution

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The head of a faculty is called an Executive Dean. Course coordinators and lecturers generally work in schools. A standard study load is 8 units per semester. In mySI-net, this is represented by a combination of letters and figures within brackets. For example 2L1T3P means you have 2 hours of lecture, a one hour tutorial and a 3 hour practical laboratory each week.

A prerequisite course provides the appropriate foundation knowledge in order to progress to the next course. Students are expected to be aware of the required prerequisites often expressed as Pre: in the Course information on mySI-net as, in most cases, the University does not check to see if you have completed the prerequisite courses. After the momentous May protests which rocked French society -- and left several dead -- the government raised the minimum wage by a third.

In , reforms denounced by critics as introducing selective university education were axed after the death of a student. And in , violent protests prompted the government to scrap a new type of job contract, which was intended to make hiring easier but was seen by critics as increasing economic insecurity. On the other hand, top-down protests organised by trade unions have often fizzled in recent years, like the mass demonstrations in which failed to kill off labour reforms. That may help explain why public support for the "yellow vests" has remained fairly high despite its increasing violence.

A BVA poll carried out after the weekend's clashes found 71 percent still supported the movement.

He says that's one factor explaining why previously moderate protesters joined in with the violence last weekend. Pigenet noted that violence at demonstrations has been on the rise since the s, a phenomenon he believes is partly due to the weakening of "other forces in society which usually give structure to protest movements".

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Trade unions in particular have declined in influence in recent years -- not least under Macron. Until the "yellow vest" movement emerged, rolling rail strikes over the summer against his sweeping reforms of state operator SNCF had posed one of the biggest challenges of his presidency. He won that battle -- but the "yellow vests", a spontaneous movement with no clearly identifiable leaders, pose a different challenge entirely.

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More news Driver killed near French border due to 'yellow vest' blockade. France's 'yellow vest' protests calmer on decisive weekend. Videos of French high-school pupils forced to kneel by police cause uproar.

'Revolutionary tradition': The story behind France's street protests

Macron to address nation after violent fuel tax protests. What impact will Tuesday's protests and strikes have in France? French fountains site of protest against Total's Brazil oil project. Related articles 'Yellow vest' protesters revive demonstrations across France. Apple seems like such an affable outfit; I like my iPhone.

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But profit is not a dirty word. I hate big banks and banking and bankers but when they rip us off and do us down with derivatives and foreclosures and bundles, I roll my eyes. This is the selfish impulse the right expertly engages but ought to belong to the left. We have to see that all these things are connected.

We have succumbed to an ideology that is per cent corrupt and must be overthrown. They snapped out of their Tuscan complacency quick enough then, and that was for a few pissed-off kids. They felt impotent because they are given no status, structure or space. They may have been misdirected but they certainly had some vim.

How beautiful it would be to see their passion utilised and directed at the source of their grievances. The system is adept at turning our aggression on to one another. We condemn the rioters. The EDL condemns immigrants. Especially if you live in luxury in Hollywood and the only immigrants you meet are Gabby, my Mexican second mother, and Polo who looks after the garden. Still the fact remains that an immigrant is just someone who used to be somewhere else.

Free movement of global capital will necessitate the free movement of an affordable labour force to meet the demands that the free-moving capital has created. The wrath is directed to the symptom, not the problem. We British seem to be a bit embarrassed about revolution, like the passion is uncouth or that some tea might get spilled on our cuffs in the uprising. That revolution is a bit French or worse still American.

Well, the alternative is extinction so now might be a good time to re-evaluate. The apathy is in fact a transmission problem, when we are given the correct information in an engaging fashion, we will stir. The hypocrisy — me, working for MTV with my fancy shoes — is a problem that can be taken care of incrementally. We have to be inclusive of everyone, to recognise our similarities are more important than our differences and that we have an immediate ecological imperative.

We require a change that is beyond the narrow, prescriptive parameters of the current debate, outside the fortress of our current system. A system predicated on aspects of our nature that are dangerous when systemic: greed, selfishness and fear.

These are old, dead ideas. Antiquated, elegant edifices, lined with oak and leather. We no longer have the luxury of tradition. Cameron, Osborne, Boris, all of them lot, they went to the same schools and the same universities that have the same decor as the old buildings from which they now govern us. We are still led by blithering chimps, in razor-sharp suits, with razor-sharp lines, pimped and crimped by spin doctors and speech-writers.

1916: Ireland’s Revolutionary Tradition - Kieran Allen

Well-groomed ape-men, superficially altered by post-Clintonian trends. We are mammals on a planet, who now face a struggle for survival if our species is to avoid expiry. We now must live in reality, inner and outer. Consciousness itself must change.

Tradition & Revolution

My optimism comes entirely from the knowledge that this total social shift is actually the shared responsibility of six billion individuals who ultimately have the same interests. Self-preservation and the survival of the planet. This is a better idea than the sustenance of an elite. Capitalism is not real; it is an idea.

America is not real; it is an idea that someone had ages ago. Britain, Christianity, Islam, karate, Wednesdays are all just ideas that we choose to believe in and very nice ideas they are, too, when they serve a purpose. These concepts, though, cannot be served to the detriment of actual reality. The reality is we have a spherical ecosystem, suspended in, as far as we know, infinite space upon which there are billions of carbon-based life forms, of which we presume ourselves to be the most important, and a limited amount of resources.

'Revolutionary tradition': The story behind France's street protests

The only systems we can afford to employ are those that rationally serve the planet first, then all humanity. Not out of some woolly, bullshit tree-hugging piffle but because we live on it, currently without alternatives. This is why I believe we need a unifying and in - clusive spiritual ideology: atheism and materialism atomise us and anchor us to one frequency of consciousness and inhibit necessary co-operation.

Eddie believes in democracy and spoke sincerely of his political ambitions. I spoke of my belief that change could only come from within. Billy eyed us both, with kindly disapprobation.