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I want to be the player he'll never beat, that memory. Are you playing still?

Go, Computers, Training and Me. A guide for the confused.....

Going to join our Go Club when you come here? I'll go to some of the meetings, but I don't intend on playing in the tournaments. Always has been, even though he's constantly making her cry, that bastard. Those two have been obsessed by each other since they were twelve. They really should stop fighting and kiss and make up. Maybe I should sell copies of this kifu I bet a lot of people will pay to see it in the future The game could have gone either way - in the future, Shindou will win something.

He's a prodigy.

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That's why I quit after realizing I'd never beat Touya fair and square. I could have been a pro, but I would have been mediocre all my life, one of those middle dans who never play in title matches. I'm happier now, really. I can still play Speaking of which, wanna play? Story Story Writer Forum Community. A series of unrelated shorts from the Hikaru no Go universe. Some humorous, some dramatic Aishuu Offers: In the Shadow of the Light shitsui yahoo. Time: 25 minutes. Disclaimer: Hotta and Obata.

Notes: Speakers should be pretty obvious. Done for a timed challenge. Careful, you're wrinkling it! I can teach you, if you want. You're a Shogi player. You heard he quit, right? One day, he quit being a pro, just like he quit club.

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And I almost strangled him. I never could figure out what was going on in his head.

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He was I'm curious. We were both first boards when he was third.

Haylee's Live Go Problems 1

This keima didn't get much advantage Fujizaki will be disappointed. Stop following her like a puppy and just get it over with. His interest lies I don't need that mental image. You should ask Fujizaki out, though. Before it all goes down. It's a collector's item. Like Nate, I think your plan sounds solid. I would follow this approach more but I know that with my time constraints, my current approach is to increase exposure to different problems and solutions. I will instead see how my fundamental instincts guide me regarding my reading.

After about 15 seconds to a minute, I'll check the solution guide to see how I did, and then if I was totally wrong, go back and see it again. Hope it's going well! I'd like to start this post with a short portion of my favorite book of all time.

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Suffering produces Endurance. Endurance produces Perseverance. Perseverance produces Character. Character produces Hope. There are many many things I could say about this passage, but I'm not talking about this passage.

Problems and Exercises

Today I'm talking about Tsumego. Tsumego can be opposed to Tsumeshougi which I just learned a few days ago and gives me some more context for what tsumego means. If you don't understand what I just said that is by all means completely fine and you are not missing out on much more than a joke between school friends.


Several months ago I was going through Cho Chikun's elementary and intermediate Tsumego collections which I finished in just under a month going at an alarming pace of several hundred per day. The results were in and I gained about a rank and a half on KGS.

De Leuvense manier om Go te spelen

Although it was fun and I did have some gains, I have now switched my whole methodology of doing Tsumego. As an aside I would like to say to those of you who have questioned me in private, public, or begrudgingly in the back of your minds that it is impossible for a 10k to go through Cho Chikun's Elementary and Intermediate Collections, I offer my complete agreement and condolences. My new methodology is something I invented in about 8 minutes one morning sitting out on my porch after an argument with my mother.

I had spent hours on the computer supposedly doing Tsumego but when all was said and done I had watched 2 anime episodes, browsed the internet, played a game of go and done only 11 Tsumego problems.

Thus leading my mom to, quite wisely if I may say so, take away my computer privileges until after 4 o'clock. As an aside I would like to say that I do not, in fact, speak with a british, australian or texas accent.