Wake Up: Hip-Hop, Christianity, and the Black Church

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BOTH parties have a struggle as they try to express in their art the two sides.

California-Nevada Conference of The UMC | California-Nevada Annual Conference Session

Rapzilla had the chance to speak to the Sunday Service music director Phil Cornish. He opens up about what goes behind the Sunday Service, Kanye West, and the validity of the gospel being represented in the sessions. What in your […]. Triple O last spoke to Rapzilla in I would say your music is much more hard-hitting and intense but has the […].

Well, you should get to know him. The message was to the point. Part 4 is a bit more layered in the sense that the message can be interpreted through the production just as much as the lyrical illustration. That encompasses the theme of my life […]. Being someone who tends to be pretty vulnerable on the mic, NF found some space here in front of a camera to be real. Nate also shares how his perception changes the older he gets.

The project is unlike any released by the artist before, compiling several unreleased tracks into a single release with a podcast series used to create additional conversation. Perhaps the most crucial element of Work in Progress is […]. Tracklist: Trigger Dedication Gone Fishing feat. With this latest track, Henshaw follows artists from Stormzy and Lotto Boyzz to Fleur East in bringing elements of the black British church to the charts.

Using a gospel choir to elevate the mood is songwriting Keedz brought the Good Lord to French electropop more than a decade ago. He worked with the Kingdom Choir, of Royal wedding fame, on his most recent track. What he says makes sense, when you consider how secular acts across genres have turned to gospel touches to lend their music gravity. Artists know that a swell of voices makes it hard not to feel emotionally swayed.

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Pick an uplifting, major chord progression, throw in some harmonies and with the added religious connotations, and a basic song becomes transcendent. You could talk about faith in a sexy, metaphorical sense—it worked for Hozier—make a vague allusion , or if in doubt, chuck in that choir. Early last year, Professor Walker-Barnes left the white-majority church where she had been on staff.

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Like an untold number of black Christians around the country, many of whom had left behind black-majority churches, she is not sure where she belongs anymore. It has been a scattered exodus — a few here, a few there — and mostly quiet, more in fatigue and heartbreak than outrage. Plenty of multiracial churches continue to thrive, and at some churches, tough conversations on race have begun. The issue has long shadowed the evangelical movement. The Rev. Billy Graham, who died last month at 99 , bravely integrated the audience at his crusades and preached alongside Dr.

Martin Luther King Jr. But for many black churchgoers, the current breach feels particularly painful. Pruitt had been a churchgoing Christian since the mids, first joining a mostly black megachurch in Dallas, where she was on the dance team. Inspiration began to flag after some years there, and one night she was drawn to a pastor whom she saw on television. He was, she later learned, Robert Morris of Gateway Church. Pruitt, moved to tears when she first went to orientation programs at the church.

One couple began to refer to her as a daughter. The congregation is mostly white, but not entirely; the pastors at two of the six satellite campuses are black men.

Christian Hip Hop Dance - Andy Mineo, Lecrae Remix

Church videos and promotional materials are intentionally filled with people of color. The general whiteness of the congregation is not something that every black worshiper dwells on anyway. To grow up black, said Carla McKissic Smith, who started going to Gateway in , is to get used to being in the minority.

As the headlines of the outside world turned to police shootings and protest, little changed inside majority-white churches. Black congregants said that beyond the occasional vague prayer for healing a divided country, or a donation drive for law enforcement, they heard nothing. Tamice Namae Spencer, who used to attend a mostly white church in Kansas City, said her fellow congregants did not seem to even know the name Trayvon Martin, the black teenager killed in Florida at the hands of George Zimmerman in And when Ms.

Spencer brought up his death, she said white church members asked why she was being divisive. At Gateway, black worshipers would discreetly ask one another if they were the only ones who noticed that one could talk about seemingly anything but racism, a feeling one former congregant described as an out-of-body experience.

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Jeremiah White, who is black, was so excited about Gateway when a friend brought him there years earlier that he insisted his parents come. In the summer of , Jeremiah made a cartoon and sent it to church leaders, depicting an elephant sitting on a man, squeezing out his insides. Pastor Morris had become aware of the disquiet himself, mainly from listening to black pastors at other churches.

Still, while they would meet and talk and pray, not a lot would happen.

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  4. We passed it. We never truly repented. After that breakfast, church staff began discussing how to face matters directly. In meetings over the coming weeks, black staff members would talk of their own past struggles with racism and the grim parts of American history that still went unacknowledged. A pastor at Ms. God is still in control. There is no perfect political candidate. Voting is choosing the lesser of evils.

    Yes, there is gender inequality.

    Why Gospel’s Impact on Black British Pop Means So Much Now

    And yes, there is a race problem in the country, though racism, implying hate, is not the right word. Pastor Morris said it was a subtler problem of prejudice. He never said to vote for Mr.